Improved Warp Control

The energy bundling for the simulation matrix was refined so strong, that the black hole is now even more precise than those of WEE-1 or WEE-2. This saves us correction flights and we reach our destination with faster speeds. The WEEv3 is the best that of our physicists' research has to offer! The bundling of energy for the matrix simulation has been refined so much that the black hole is now more precise than ever before. This saves us correction flights and allows us to arrive at our destination more quickly.   

Requirements- WEEv2, Battle Cruiser

Information                                                                                Costs

Cells: 10 (FS), 20 (CS)                                                                 Titanium: 4250

Warp: 20,000                                                                               Copper: 1250

Consumption: 5.0                                                                         Iron: 0

Construction Time: 00:50:00                                                          Aluminium: 3500

                                                                                                   Mercury: 500

                                                                                                   Silicon: 4000

                                                                                                   Uranium: 0

                                                                                                   Krypton: 9000

                                                                                                   Nitrogen: 1000

                                                                                                   Hydrogen: 750