Okay, so I was on this site and than all of a sudden I was told, "Only make changes with MacaTord's permission." So my first thought was "Uh oh," because I didn't know that, and I made a bunch of changes. Than I clicked "recent wiki activity" and I saw that I was the only person who actually posts stuff in the blog category. Embarassing? Kinda. But, I am not the kind of person who will do what everyone else does, and neither is the person I share an account with. So if anyone in the world reads this useless blog about a new empire universe 2 player, they can expect it to continue. Okay, time for my points update. I have 30 k points now, so 3k through out the day. I still have time to keep going though, and I am aiming for 32k points by the end of the day. If my rapid increasing of points is considered rapid by all those good players out there, than hear this. I am constantly constructing ressource facilities. That's my big secret. Maybe I am doing something else that I am not aware of, but to me the points seem to be comming fro all the ressource facilities I am making. I am thinking of starting to play more standard for a bit, as in don't only upgrade your research facility and ressource facility, but also expand the control tower, communications tower, and the trading post. Also in terms of the upgrades I am giving my commander. His stats are: 4 trading, 5 research, 6 battle, 5 construction, 4 economy, and 4 navigation. I can picture readers cringing. And remember Humans start 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, and 2. Oh cool I just leveled up to Lieutenant Colonel and have 1 more point which I will allocate to... research. Well, my goal of hitting top 2000 of rookies has almost been realized, and I am 43 positions away from my goal. Bye.