Wow, in the future I hope I don't keep naming my blogs first, second, third etc.. I posted my first blog a couple of minutes ago, and I recieved 2k points since then. I just started so I am not sure if this is normal or not. Hopefully it is, because that way I'll hit 1 mil points pretty darn fast. I just realized that I have made 9 edits to the sit on the day I signed up. Even if I don't know much, there are still a lot of articles that I have the ability to improve. Back to me. Since this is my blog, I will tell you about my game profile. I am a rookie league human, in the GTF boot camp, who tries to rush through everything. At first, me and my friend tried to get into war as soon as we discovered laser. Big mistake. Soon after, we learned about projectiles, troops, and all that good stuff. Now we are patiently rising up the ranks and waiting until we have the knowledge to explain the game to everyone else, just like we were thought how to play the game. That's it for today.