Research Times

-0% The exploration of new technology gets started now!

-2% The beginnings are always the hardest, but our research launch went smoothly.

-5% Taking small technical difficulties aside, our work so far is almost no problem.

-11% We have now completed the concept phase and are trying the first prototypes.

-16% We are still balancing small setbacks, but we are not far from our goal.

-21% We now have the first quarter complete, slowly but surely our ideas become reality.

-26% We have successfully implemented expert indications into the plans, allowing us to perfect the technology even further.

-32% Some subtle changes had to be made to the basic design, so we may be delayed.

-37% Major problems now belong to the past, we are now ready to take the technology outside of laboratory conditions.

-42% The first test failed, but our researchers have already discovered the error and fixed it.

-47% Most give up halfway, when research won't work, but we will continue working our hardest.

-53% We are nearing the completion of our first prototypes, and we have completed more than half of the planned research.

-58% The many hours of hard work are paying off now, despite several setbacks - the prototype seems to be working smoothly.

-63% We have assigned several teams of experts to identify and eliminate any flaws in the technology, so we can prevent failures in the future.

-68% No significant problems were reported during the troubleshooting, so we now begin the last stage wholeheartedly!

-74% The final run begins, it can not be long before we have the research done.

-79% We are proceeding on schedule and the final tests are nearing completion.

-84% We have the bulk of the research behind us, we now need to concentrate on fine-tuning the smaller details.

-89% Our researchers are still working under high pressure.

-95% The new technology will be available soon.

-99% Our research will be finished within the next few minutes!

Technology Tree


Capital Ships: Medium Cruiser·Battle Cruiser·Battleship·Dreadnought·Deadnought SL·Titan·Behemoth·Birel·Leviathan·Mach·Aurel·Trayan·Doombringer


Scorp·Scorp II·Lux-Torpedo·Scorp III·Stungo·Scorpion·Drailer·MasterK·Nutter·Usiel
Ions: Small Cannon·Medium Cannon·Large Cannon·L-Ion·L-Ion EXT·KT L-Ion·IGop
Laser: Wincom·Small·Medium·Large·Blaster·Blaster EXT·Rapid Blaster·Double Blaster·Treatment Blaster·Hydra Blaster


Standard Armour·ATS·ATSM·DATS·Silt·NAA·SLT·Inamibo·Licim·Dub Nuf
Shields: 25 Mega Watt·50 Mega Watt·100 Mega Watt·115 Mega Watt·125 Mega Watt·130 Mega Watt·145 Mega Watt·160 Mega Watt·195 Mega Watt·200 Mega Watt


Standard Engine·GMT-1·GMT-2·GMT-3·GMT-Advanced·Impulse-1·Impulse-2·Impulse-3
Warp: DX-1·DX-2·WEE v1·WEE v2·WEE v3·Pahid 1·Pahid 2·Pahid 3·Pahid 4·Pahid 5

Mining Tech:Mining Prototype·Mining Laser Mark 2·Mining Laser Mark 3·Salvage Prototype·Salvage Laser Mark 2·Salvage Laser Mark 3

Cargo Holds: Cargo Small·Cargo Medium·Cargo Large·Extended Cargo·Cargo 270·Cargo 290·Cargo 300·Cargo 310·Cargo 320·Cargo 350
Colonisation Module
Troop Transport Modules: Troop Transportation Module·Shuttle 20K·Shuttle 30K·Shuttle 40K·Shuttle 50K
Fuel Tanks: Small Tank·Medium Tank·Large Tank
Scanning Tech: Aerial espionage·Horch III·Horch VI·Horch V·Splinter·Splinter 2·AT4·Anemu·For Dix Prime·Jyief
Cloaking Tech: Krypton cloaking shield·Krypton cloaking shield mk2·Krypton cloaking shield mk3


Improved Mining Queue: More Resource Mining·Increased Production Rate·Better Use of the Environment
Buildings: Barracks·Bunker·Communications Centre·Dock·Government Building·Shipyard·Trading Post·University
Tactics: Tactic·Better Defence·Better Attack·Surprising Attack·Effective First Strike·Concentrated Firepower·Focused Defense·Universal Approach·Scattered Approach

Race Specific & Mini Tech

Mini Technology: Plentropian·Weganian·Mosorian·Human·Cyborg·Zuup·Ozoid·Magumian·Jamozoid