*There is a whirring sound as a holodisc begins to load..... it isnt long before a projection loads up. It is a man with the look of a Scholar he is dressed in robes and is carrying several rolled up maps. He is clean shaven and has glasses perched on his nose. He smiles nervously.*

"Sir/Madam my name is Malcom and i am here to help you navigate the Starsystem map. You shouldn't worry about heading outside as this can all be done digitally from the comfort of your HeadQuarters thanks to the latest satellite imaging."

"Go to your Starsystem map at the bottom of your screen."


"You will note that you can now see an image of the starsystem. Also note the System Id the name of the system along the top bar... and the four arrows keys in the bottom left"


"Using the up and down arrows allows you to change the system number in the hundreds example we have moved from system 7100 to system 7000 by pressing the up arrow... Pressing the down arrow will move us from 7100 to 7200."


"Using the left and right arrows shall change the system number in the tens for example we have moved from system 7100 to 7099 by pressing the left arrow.... pressing the right arrow shall move us back from 7099 to 7100."


"Well i have taught you all you need to know about the Starsystem map."

 *The whirring sound slowed down and eventually stopped altogether as the image of the Malcom faded away*