*There is a whirring sounds as a holodisc begins to load... it isn't long before a projection loads up. It is a man with the look of a scholar he is dressed in robes and is carrying several rolled up maps. He is clean shaven and has glasses perched on his nose. He smiles nervously.*

"Sir/Madam my name is Malcom and i am here to help you with your empire relations."

"There are four types of relations. Alliances, Non Aggression Pacts (NAP's) and Wars (which lead to Puppet/Master relations). Alliances, NAP's and Wars can be declared by the leader/co-leader of yours or another empire. The Puppet/Master relationship is given to the losing side (puppet) and winning side (master) of a war."

"Here we will deal with Alliance's, NAP's and War's and how you can declare them or how another empire can offer them."

"First we will show you how to declare them to another empire (this is how others will declare them to you as well). Go to the empire rankings page or the list and select an empire. Then under the picture that represents the empire there will be three buttons. Declare War, Offer NAP and Offer Alliance. Click whichever button you want..but be warned that if you delcare war then the only way to get out is to offer an NAP which may not be accepted or to surrender."

"Now if you click the relations tab you can see the offers that you have made and what other empires have made towards you. You also see the confirmed relations and the unconfirmed ones. As you can see here we have been offered an NAP and we have the choice to accept or decline."



"Now you can see here that we have a confirmed alliance with The Katsuragi Family and you can see the time and date that this alliance was established."


"If you want to cancel an Alliance, NAP or even surrender a war go to the relations page and click on the empire you wish to end your agreement with. You will be present with a similar screen to the one that gives you the choice of offering Alliance's, NAP's and declaring War. Only this time there is one button that will give you the option to cancel the alliance NAP or surrender the war."


"I have taught you all i can about empire relations."

  *The whirring sound slowed down and eventually stopped altogether as the image of the Malcom faded away*