More Effective Mercury Extraction

It was not that difficult, but the first step had to be done. Once we had convinced the decision makers of the importance of this chemical element, the modernization of the mining methods for Mercury could be aprroved. Especially with the help of robotics, we can now safely mine almost every amount of Mercury without running a risk of causing harm to our workers

Requirements- Research Facility level 1

Gains- This Increases the Mercury Distribution on your homeworld (First Planet) by 25% of the current vaule.

Please Note that the vaule doesnt increase by a full 25% but by 25% of whatever the current vaule is

Example: Mercury Distribution = 50%

               More Effective Mercury Extraction = +25%

               Total = 50x0.25 = 12.5 so 50+12.5 = 63% (rounded up)