Little is known about the mysterious Magumians because their underground cities hide them from the eyes of foreign nations. The Magumian community is divided into individual clans, which originally used to manage farms and mines co-operatively.

The confrontation with other nations resulted in a hesitant insight og the necessity of armed forces. This however doesnt represent the almost spiritual nature of this species. Due to theur special civil orientation the Magumians do an excellent job in the field of research. Their battle fleets do not belong to the elite forces of the universe, but it is their underground city lifestyle that causes nearly every opposing commander to try and aviod ground battles against Magumian defenders.

Each race has a different need for resources the Magumians need the following:

  • Titanium: 15%
  • Copper: 12.5%
  • Iron: 16.5%
  • Aluminum: 5%
  • Mercury: 8%
  • Silicon: 9%
  • Uranium: 11%
  • Krypton 10%
  • Nitrogen: 12%
  • Hydrogen: 1%

 The following points are for a new Magumian Commander:

  • Trade: 1
  • Research: 5
  • Battle: 3
  • Construction: 1
  • Economy: 1
  • Navigation: 1