There are two types of commanders in the game the alter ego (the one that you named and is station at your homeworld) and NPC commanders (these are responsible for your fleets and colonies). All commanders apart from the alter ego cost you money. Under the commander tab in the fleet button you can see the individual costs for each commander. If you click a commander in the menu you can see his/her stats in the various fields (Trading, Navigation, Research etc). You can also sell or dismiss your commander from this screen.

To alter ego, Commander

As stated before the alter ego commander is the only one who doesnt cost any money. From the tutorial it is known that you can choose which fields you can improve your alter ego commander in and so you should keep in mind what you will be using that commander for later. If you plan to keep him/her on one of your colonies then increase construction and economy. If you plan to use him/her for trading themthen you should increase the trade and navigation. If you plan to use him/her for battles then you should increase the fighting and navigation.

Note for the cost of you can reset your commander stats and redistribute the points.

The NPC commander

The NPC commanders cost 240 credits per level/day. So the more experience your NPC commander gains the more they will cost per day. However once your NPC commander reaches General rank the costs will no longer rise even though they may continue to gain experience. The difference with NPC commanders is that you cannot choose which fields to improve. An NPC commander on a colony will gain points in economy and a little in construction. If they are an explorer, travelling to unexplored star systems, they will gain research and navigation points. If they are the commander of a battle fleet they will gain points in battle and navigation. The NPC commanders stats will improve once a day at the point when they have gained enough experience in a certain field. NPC commanders can be auctioned if you dont need them and want a little cash and well-developed commanders can make you a lot of money.

It should also be noted that the two type of commanders (NPC and the alter ego) cannot be lost during a battle. They commander your fleets from the control centre and so no matter what type of fleet they control be it Trader, Battle, Probe or Mining fleet they will NOT be lost in battle.

Overview of the Commander features


This feature lowers the tax to be paid. Only at auction tax is exempt. Each set point to reduce the taxes by 0.5%. (Minimum achievable duty = 1%)

Reduces fuel consumption by 1% of the fleet (minimum fuel consumption = 5%)

Increases the research progress of 1% per 2 points (or reduces the required research period by 0.5% per point)


Increases the combat skills of the commander by +0.5% damage per point.


Increases the construction of buildings, factories, ships and components by 1% per point.


Increases the production of raw materials per level by 1%.

Lowers the cost of raw material plants by up to 5%.

Lowers the cost of buildings at each level, at 0.33%.


Reduces the flight time of the fleet by 1 / 3%. (Low flight reachable = 5%) (Low flight reachable = 5%)

Increases the value of a vessel to maneuver unknown per point. The maneuvers value is still influenced by other factors.

Per 5 points for Warp tavelling 1AE closer to the goal

The ranks are changed only once daily at midnight if the required experience is reached.

Level          Rank                       Experience          Costs          GRT

1       Second Lieutenant                  0                    240             750

2       First Lieutenant                     100                 480            1500

3       Captain                                 250                 720            2250

4       Major                                    500                 960            3000

5       Lieutenant Colonel                1000                1200            3750

6       Colonel                                2000                1440            4500

7       Brigadier General                  4000                1680            5250

8       Major General                       8000                1920           6000

9       Lieutenant General              10,000                2160           6750

10     General                              15,000                2400           7500

Points Scoring

How you can gain points

Buildings - Construction of Buildings

Resource Facilities -Construction of resource mines

Research - Finished research projects

Trade - Trading, Auctioning

Ground Troops - For troops trained

Ships - For every newly built ship and component

Battle - All points won or lost during space and ground battle

The Amount of Points Given

Buildings Points = 500 x level of building

Resource Facilities Points = 75 points for each resource mine

Research Points = Research minutes/40 and 20 points for every system you explore

Trade Points - 1000 credits sale = 1 point on auctions and 1 point per NPC trade

Ground Troop Points - 1 point for every 30 ground troops trained, 1 point for every 30 ground troops killed and -1 point for every 30 ground troops lost

Ship Battle Points - 1 point for every 100 resources destroyed and -1 point for every 100 resources lost (resources that were used to build the ship.)