Success! We are proud to present a true power horse. The impulse drive should push even the biggest of our ships smoothly to an adequate speed and give them back a lot of maneuverability. Small vessels could possibly be ripped though. With all these developments, we even managed to keep the fuel consumption at a low level. The Impulse drive is a new generation of engines. Its a magnetohydrodynamics-accelerator, a space qualified liquid plasma engine system.

Requirements- Dreadnought

Information                                                                                Costs

Cells: 10 (FS), 20 (CS)                                                                 Titanium: 200

Impluse: 2000                                                                              Copper: 600

Consumption: 1.0                                                                         Iron: 1100

Construction Time: 01:23:20                                                          Aluminium: 340

                                                                                                   Mercury: 0

                                                                                                   Silicon: 0

                                                                                                   Uranium: 200

                                                                                                   Krypton: 0

                                                                                                   Nitrogen: 700

                                                                                                   Hydrogen: 500