Note that the prices in British pounds, American dollars, Australian dollars and Canadian dollars are only a rought estimation due to the varying Currency rates

Ikolium is a special resource in the game it cannot be mined and/or traded. Ikolium is used to shorten research and constructing times as well as training times for researchers and ground troops.

There are two ways to get Ikolium. By buying it or recruiting players (players must be active for two weeks)

To recruit players click the settings button then recruit players tab and either fill out the email address of the player or get people to click the link. You get 1000 Ikolium for every player you recruit who is stilla ctive after two weeks and you will get 25 Ikolium for each person who clicks the link.

The other way to get Ikolium is to buy it with real life money (Yes i said real life money). Click on the Ikolium icon in the resource bar of your screen then click Buy Ikolium now and a new window will appear giving you options for payment.

Options for payment:

Credit Card
Pay by Call (UK only, I think)
Bank Transaction

There are several amount of Ikolium you can buy ranging from 25,000 up to 2,000,000.

Amount of Ikolium available for purchase:

25,000 - 1.99 Euro, £1.68, $2.86, 3.04 AUD, 3.05 CAD

50,000 - 3.99 Euro, £3.68, $5.71, 6.82 AUD, 6.13 CAD

100,000 - 7.99 Euro, £6.77, $11.49, 13.67 AUD, 12.27 CAD

150,000 - 11.99 Euro, £10.17, $17.24, 20.52 AUD, 18.42 CAD

300,000 - 19.99 Euro, £16.96, $28.75, 34.21 AUD, 30.72 CAD

700,000 - 39.99 Euro, £33.92, $57.52, 68.44 AUD, 61.46 CAD

Once you have finished your payment method it may take a few moments for the Ikolium to be transferred into your account.

Premium Accounts are another way of keeping the game free to play (along with Ikolium). With Premium you get the advantage of queues.

You get four free weeks of premium after you have signed up. Once those four weeks are over you will only have the option to queue one item.

You can buy Premium in varying amounts just like Ikolium.

1 Month - 3.99 Euro, £3.68, $5.71, 6.82 AUD, 6.13 CAD

3 Months - 9.99 Euro, £8.47, $14.36, 17.09 AUD, 15.35 CAD

6 Months - 14.99 Euro, £12.71, $21.56, 25.65 AUD, 23.03 CAD

12 Months - 19.99 Euro, £16.96, $28.75, 20.52 AUD, 30.72 CAD

24 Months - 29.99 Euro, £25.44, $43.13, 51.33 AUD, 46.09 CAD