Gov building

Government Building

Improved System of Government

With the construction of a government building we are now able to collect taxes. In conjunction with the connection to an empire, the government building becomes a powerful instrument of action. Now laws and accusations can be defined that have effect on society. Especially in times of crisis a stable government apparatus prevents disturbing influences from inside.

Requirements- Research Facility level 1


About the Governement Building

The government building unlocks the diplomacy menu, with which you can join an empire. Further more it is the first point of approach for the equity financing and system of government of the player. Can only be built on the main planet and each stage of development raises the income of the player around 1.200 Credits/day. In addition the laws of the universe are to be reviewed here.

Starting from level 5 of the government building the player can attain fundamental bonuses and penalties there by the political adjustments, which are further down described. This political adjustment can again be changed 3 days after the last change and demands thus little advance planning

Poltical Alignments
Advantages Disadvantages
Liberalism Decreases resource supply Decreases Credits income
Socialism Credits Income Increases Increases resource supply
Open Society Raises the budget of NPC trader Reduces the supply requirements
Closed Society Raises the supply requirement Reduces the budget of NPC trader
Free Market Economy -5% Construction times +5% Construction costs
Planned Economy -5% Construction costs +5% Construction time
Conscription Troop costs reduced by 10% Fighting Skill is reduced by 10%
Professional Army Fighting Skill is increased by 10% Troop costs increased by 10%
Warlord Hit ratio in space battle rises Flee chances in space battle increases
Pacifist Flee chances in space battle rises Hit ratio in space battle rises