Dynamic Field Voltage

A powerful injection mechanism is installed in GMT Advanced aswell. Drives like the GMT-3 have got an advanced fuel-saving design. Our researchers have just increased the size of the drive, so we get more impulse power out of it - because of its size it is much bulkier than its predecessor models, though. A breakthrough allowed for a remarkable advancement of the GMT engine series. This pinnacle of technology uses enhanced thrusters and improved injectors to yield greatly enhanced impulse over its predecessors.

Requirements- GMT-3

Information                                                                                Costs

Cells: 8 (FS), 15 (CS)                                                                   Titanium: 100

Impluse: 1500                                                                              Copper: 750

Consumption: 1.3                                                                         Iron: 750

Construction Time: 01:23:20                                                          Aluminium: 750

                                                                                                   Mercury: 0

                                                                                                   Silicon: 0

                                                                                                   Uranium: 2000

                                                                                                   Krypton: 0

                                                                                                   Nitrogen: 900

                                                                                                   Hydrogen: 500