The dock is a complement to our shipyard. We can repair damaged ships or scrap unneeded ships in order to get back a part of the used resources for example. However, we shouldn't forget that even damaged ships could once again be fully operational after a major overhaul and, thanks to their former experience in battles, have an invaluable advantage in the struggle.

Requirements- Research Facility level 3, Modular Construction


Available Ships

Here all ships are indicated, which are on the planet. The following details are indicated

  • Name
  • Hull
  • Condition
  • Shield
  • Status
  • Experience of the Ships
  • Engine Capacity
  • Loading Volume

Additionally each ship can be scrapped, repaired, converted or renamed. A higher stage of development accelerates the repair. As many as desired ships can be repaired at the same time, but not converted. At the top there is a button to repair all ships.

Fleet Ships

Here are all ships listed which are in space fleets. Further information of each individual ship can be seen here.