Comm centre

Communication Centre

Long Range Communications

A communications center now can be built. It allows e.g. to carry out quests and to contact merchants. Similarly, we are now able to maintain permanent contact to our spaceships in order to allow a better navigation - especially in outlying sectors of the galaxy. Thanks to our this highly developed technology, even such long distances aren't a problem for us any longer.

Requirements- Research Facility level 1

Gains- Allows you to build the communication centre and search for other players (and traders, set bounties and make a friends list later on).



Here you cans earch for players or planets by entering their name into the box and click search


At level 2 you can search for traders. How to search is explained in Space of Trades


Also at level 2 you unlock the bookmark tab which allows you to create new and edit existing bookmarks

Bounty hunt

At level 6 you unlock the Bounty Hunt tab which allows you to see current bounties and set your own.


Also at level 6 Transport orders are available. The Transport missions are not available atm so the window has no function.

Friends List

The Friends list become available at level 4, here you can add and removed friends.

Ignore List

The Ignore list become available at level 1 and you can add players to your ignore list. Please Note that it doesnt affect the chat.