*There is a whirring sound as a holodisc begins to load..... it isnt long before a projection loads up. It is a man with the look of a Scholar he is dressed in robes and is carrying several rolled up maps. He is clean shaven and has glasses perched on his nose. He smiles nervously.*

"Sir/Madam my name is Malcom and i am here to help manage your empire cash box.

"Click the cash box tab across the top."


"Here you can see the current credits that are in you empire's cash box and you have certain options available depending on your empire rank. Deposit (available to all members, Payment (available to leader and co-leader(s)) and Settings (available to leader and co-leader(s))."


"If you click deposit it allows you to enter any sum of money (providing you have the credits) into your empire cash box and it will be displayed in the entry log."


"If you click payment it allows you to pay any sum providing you have it in your empires cash box to any member of your empire and it will keep and entry of it in the logs."


"Finally if you click settings, it allows you to set the empire tax rate. If you set it too high then you are unlikey to gain new members or keep current ones."


"Well i have taught you all you need to know about your empires cash box."

 *The whirring sound slowed down and eventually stopped altogether as the image of Malcom faded away*