Securing of Resources

We can now build bunkers. Raw materials will be safe from possible attacks in a long term. The higher the stage, the more resources can be secured. It quite happened often that we have lost a lot of our hard earned resources during a hostile attack, because we didn't have storage for them.

Requirements- Transport Facilities in Space, Research Facility level 3

Gains- Allows you to build the bunker and store resources (and components later on).


Resources in Stock

Once the option to use stored resources for building will be reactivated, resources from the bunker will be used automatically upon building if the resources on the surface of the planet do not suffice for the project. This option is deactived at the moment however due to several bugs. The displayed resources at the top of your window indicate the amount on the surface of the currently selected planet, not including those stored in the bunker. Resources inside the bunker are not used for trading with the NPC, for supplying your population or the building of ships, buildings or components. Every level of the building allows for another 200,000 units of resources to be stored. Components do not take up any space in the bunker.


Starting from expansion level 3 all components builts and stored on this planet will become visible and can be sold.

Automatic Loading
Starting from building level 5 you can have resources be stored in the bunker automatically. Each resource can be selected for that individually. It will happen automatically but only once a day at midnight. '