More Effective Aluminium Extraction

Our researchers have developed a new procedure, which improves the production of Aluminium significantly. By adding a larger quantity of Potassium Amalgam the process of reaction with the implemented Aluminium Chloride could be accelerated. This results in a larger production volume. Because of its low density the aerospace industry continuously benefits from its usability as a good construction material aswell.

Requirements- Research Facility level 1

Gains- This Increases the Aluminium Distribution on your homeworld (First Planet) by 25% of the current vaule.

Please Note that the vaule doesnt increase by a full 25% but by 25% of whatever the current vaule is

Example: Aluminium Distribution = 50%

               More Effective Aluminium Extraction = +25%

               Total = 50x0.25 = 12.5 so 50+12.5 = 63% (rounded up)